Contact Liz Chiego via phone at: 210-771-0067, email:, website: or at the Phyllis Browning Company office: 14855 Blanco Road, Suite 403, San Antonio, TX 78216

Why you should list with me

I am a full time real estate professional. Real estate is my career.

I will:

  • your property in the Multiple Listing Service of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®.
  • ...expose your property to the world on our world-class website
  • closely with our advertising staff to coordinate a program directed at marketing your property.
  • a "Broker Open House" to introduce your home to my associates within our professional community and be present to answer questions and distribute brochures regarding your home.
  • ...regularly follow up with other REALTORS® to keep the flow of valuable information moving between you and the marketplace.
  • ...enthusiastically promote your property at our weekly business meetings and Board of REALTORS® meetings, and among my many business and corporate contacts, friends, colleagues and associates in my professional community.
  • ...monitor the sales and listings of comparable properties in your market area in order to keep you always up-to-date.
  • ...coordinate all matters related to the closing for you, including inspections, verifications, contingency removals, monitoring the loan progress of the buyer and the collection of all the information relevant to your transaction.
  • ...monitor delivery of all reports, documentation and verifications related to the loan progress of the buyer so that our valuable time off of the market is minimized!
  • ...keep you up-to-date and fully informed throughout the transaction.

I also...

  • ...take pride in my ability as a negotiator. I believe I can effectively negotiate the maximum return for your property.
  • ...have the full-time support of my company management. If I don't know the answer, my manager will.
  • respected among my peers within the professional community and by lenders and title people, with whom I enjoy good working relationships. This is invaluable to my clients, especially when time is short or an inside track is required to make things happen smoothly and quickly.

Other real estate agents like selling my listings because they know I counsel my clients to present their property in the most attractive, ready-to-sell condition possible.

You should entrust your property with me because I am the best you can hire! You know that the services of real estate professionals may be comparably priced. The difference is the personalized service you will receive from me. I am far and away your best value.

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